New FDA Warnings on Widely Used Cholesterol Medications

February 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) issued new warnings yesterday regrading the safety of two popular statin drugs used to lower cholesterol. Zocor and Lipitor are now noted by the FDA as having side effects that include memory loss and elevated blood sugars. Yes, you lower your chance of stroke and heart attack (although these drugs have been shown to be ineffective for some people) and increase your chances of diabetes and dementia.

Though some may be convinced that these new warnings do not apply to them, please note that there must be a sizeable percentage of people effected or the FDA, as history has shown us, will not insist on new warnings for consumers. “A growing number of studies published over the last five years have found a link between statin use and type 2 diabetes. Last June, a report in the Journal of the American Medical Association analyzed five older randomized trials and concluded the increased risk was small but real for people taking higher doses of any statin,” according to the New York Times.

For natural cholesterol busting methods, try including Puer Tea in your diet. Studies have shown this Chinese tea available in green or black (the black is actually not caffeinated) drastically lowers cholesterol.

According to, “The most eye opening of these studies [on Puer Tea] was conducted in France several years ago. A blind study was conducted with 500 hyperlipidemia patients (individuals with advanced cholesterol conditions, usually controlled with medication). Half of the controlled group consumed 3-4 cups of Pu’erh daily, while the rest of the participants were given something else. After a 30-day period the results showed that drinking Pu’erh on a regular basis could significantly lower cholesterol and further research confirmed that Pu’erh was as effective as the most advanced cholesterol lowering medications available. This is just one of the many healthy benefits of this delicious tea.”

The tea has also been touted by Dr. Oz for its benefits as a weight loss enhancer, as well as a natural cholesterol lowering tool.

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